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Petal Miller
is proud to have received many testimonials from students and parents. Here are just a few...

Celebrating Saturday School

Upon hearing about the 25th Anniversary of Saturday School, it was only fitting that I submit a testimonial on behalf of myself and my mother. My brother and I both attended Saturday School, as well as the Thursday evening classes in the lead up to our 11+ entrance exams. With the guidance and good tutoring we received, we both succeeded in our examinations and gained places at our respective independent schools. I believe that Saturday School gave us the confidence and work ethic needed to succeed and we carried those attributes forward into secondary school, sixth form, and are now both pursuing higher education at universities in the USA.

Aside from providing academic instruction, Ms. Miller – or as the children have always affectionately called her – Aunty Petal, was strict but caring in nature, always pushing us to fulfil our potential. We were also even made to feel at home in her home, being able to help ourselves to that snack of crackers and cheese when we were running low on brain fuel and needed a little break.

Where regular school did not challenge us, Saturday School did, which makes its value immeasurable.

Aunty Petal was one of the first people I wanted to tell of my list of UK and US University offers because it is in her house, on a Saturday afternoon, that I believe my academic excellence really began.

I want to extend my congratulations and humblest gratitude to Ms. Petal Miller, as the work she has been doing for the past 25 years is really the foundation. Many children, adolescents and adults have been positively impacted by their time spent at Saturday School so on behalf of us all – Thank You!

Former Student

Determination to Achieve

Petal Miller, who I have always affectionately referred to as Aunty Petal (as a mark of respect), is a professional, energetic and compassionate teacher who nurtures and develops children, instilling in each and every one a determination to achieve and excel. I am grateful to have had the experience of being taught by such an incredible and gifted teacher, whose teachings and words of wisdom have guided me from childhood through to young adulthood.

I first attended Aunty Petal’s Saturday school as a keen, but unfocused 10 year old. Aunty Petal taught and guided me through the transition from primary to secondary school education. She instilled in me a sense of self confidence and a determination to succeed.Having spent my formative years with Aunty Petal, I am now an undergraduate at Kent University, studying Social Anthropology.

Aunty Petal has taught me so much and I have always wanted to be in a position to give something back. This opportunity arose when I was able to update Aunty Petal’s knowledge of social media, with the setting up of her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and the development of event pages for PLM Development events.

Although I was paid for my services, I felt so honoured to have been asked to support Aunty Petal, who for so many years had supported me and who now supports my seven year old younger sister who is following in my footsteps, now attends Aunty Petal’s Saturday school.

Former Student

Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for everything that you have done in the nurturing of Talibah who is now a respectful, self-assured and hardworking young lady. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, so I am grateful that you are in our village.


"Before my daughter started going to Petal, she did not know her times tables for a 10 year old child, her Maths, English and Writing ability were so bad it was unbelievable."


Undivided Attention

I was told about Petal from my driving instructor as I was talking to him about how my 10 year old daughter was not learning in school. She was having a lot of problems in school for example: she was sent outside the classroom for being disruptive; told that she was talking in class; sent to the head teacher’s office for talking back to her classroom teacher and others.

Before my daughter started going to Petal, she did not know her times tables for a 10 year old child, her Maths, English and Writing ability were so bad it was unbelievable. Since starting Petal’s Saturday School, there has been great improvement in her Maths, English and Writing skills. Not only has my daughter improved greatly in these skills, but her behaviour in school has also got better! My daughter now has self confidence and belief in herself and her school work! I know half the battle has been won!

As a result of my daughter’s improvement, her younger brother also attends. Petal not only tutors my children, she also encourages them to do their best and try to achieve their highest potential. What I love about Petal as a tutor, is that she is strict with the standard of work that she wants from my children, I see this as a very important part of my children’s development.

She also gives them her undivided attention, time and treats them on an individual basis. For almost two years since my children started going to Petal there has been great improvement in their school work, especially my daughter as she was at a bad stage before she started. Therefore, I want to thank Petal for her time and dedication to educating my children to the best of their ability.


A Remarkable Tutor

Petal L. Miller affectionately known as ‘Auntie Petal’, taught me from the ages of 4-12 years old and was a remarkable tutor. I believe the eight years of extra tuition I received made a great impact on my life. Firstly, this gave me a head start in primary school so by time I was in Year Seven I was at the top of my classes for all my subjects. I felt I managed to go through secondary school with ease as a lot of my work seemed as though I was just refreshing myself and putting my knowledge to practice, rather than trying to learn something that was out of my depth. This is evident in my GCSE results receiving an A*, four A’s, five B’s and a C grade from Ricards Lodge High School, and completing the A-levels Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at Graveney Sixth form.

Furthermore, I feel that going to Saturday School didn’t just teach me Maths and English, but skills I have required for succeeding in life. Auntie Petal emphasised the importance of presentation of work, focusing on the task in hand, actively listening and always looking at the bigger picture. Even as an employee for Auntie Petal as a part-time Admin Assistant from 16-18 years old, I still felt as though I was learning so much more than that of a general job. Auntie Petal has a very inspirational character and helped me become more independent, professional and use my initiative.

Currently, I have graduated from Birmingham City University with a First class honours degree and am joining the British Army as a Mental Health Nurse. I will forever be thankful for Auntie Petal’s help and support during my youth. As a young adult, Auntie Petal is still genuinely pleased to hear about my progress in life. Any young person will be very lucky to have Auntie Petal as a tutor, she has a great passion for what she does and believes in the young people she teaches.

Former Student

Highly Recommend

Twelve years ago we were introduced to Petal Miller by a family friend. She came highly recommended and began to tutor our daughter Raquel who was six years old at the time. Raquel has now gone on to read Sociology at University of Nottingham. Our ten year old son Rio is currently being tutored by Petal who is affectionately called Auntie Petal by all her past and present students who absolutely venerate her.

Petal has developed a reputation as a caring, firm but patient tutor and mentor for scores of children and teenagers. She has continued over the years to provide a commendable service driven by a dynamic and proactive approach in identifying gaps in student learning. Her ability to creatively harness and improve the inert ability in her students is exemplary.

Many of the children under her tutorship have risen above levels of mediocrity and have progressed to heights of outstanding academic achievements. Her interminable passion to teach and her interest to work in partnership with parents who have high expectations of their children is commendable.

We believe that her stalwart contribution to educational void due to lack of resources and opportunities for many primary and secondary pupils deserve any formal recognition being considered.


Excelling in Maths and English

I met Auntie Petal because I was struggling with my Maths and English. Auntie Petal helped me by teaching me in a way that was really easy to understand. She was very strict but this made me more disciplined about my work.

After a couple of months of going to Auntie Petal, my Maths and English improved a lot. Without Auntie Petal’s teaching I would not know what I know now. I am in year 9 now starting my GCSEs and without Auntie Petal I wouldn’t be in top set of all of my subjects.


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