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Petal L. Miller MA (HRM), BA (Hons), PG Dip Applied Theology, PG Dip Personnel Management, Chartered MCIPD

Petal L. Miller is an experienced Human Resource professional with an extensive portfolio in the People Management and Development field. Her client base is varied, encompassing the public, private and voluntary sectors as well as nationally and internationally. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology and is an ordained pastor. Her ministry lies in Church Management and Leadership Development, Administration and Women’s Development within the Body of Christ.

Petal holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, specialising in Human Resource Development. She is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Petal is the creator, author and publisher of the book and self-development training programme - The MIRROR Challenge™, a personal approach to coaching, designed to motivate people to look deeper inside of themselves to identify uncomfortable truths and take positive steps to improve their situation.

She has been involved in education, learning, training and development since 1977. She has been involved in education, learning, training and development since 1977. Petal is passionate about children and people and believes that her role in life is to facilitate the growth and development of others.

Learning, Training & Development, Executive Coaching & Consultancy

In 1997, she established PLM Development Services. Petal inspires, motivates and guides individuals to think and operate ‘outside of the box’ and to make positive changes to their lives, whether it is helping people to build new careers or to simply add skills to their existing portfolio. She is an enabler of learning rather than a presenter of information and facts. Her training programmes are heavily based on personal self-development. Her primary objective is to ensure that there is a ‘holistic approach’ to people development, performance and career management.

Petal is the Trainers’ Trainer. She specialises in designing and facilitating innovative management and leadership development programmes and strategies which enable individuals, teams and organisations to meet their goals and facilitate personal and professional growth and development. As well as being a creative and results oriented executive coach, she is also an extremely energetic conference facilitator and a highly experienced presentation and skills trainer. Petal is the specialist in re-igniting passion in businesses and individuals. She is a ‘people person,’ who touches your heart as well as your soul. She makes you laugh, but importantly, she makes you think! According to a delegate – ‘Petal has given my brain a workout!’

She is a dynamic speaker who gets her ideas and the message across with clarity and passion. An intriguing combination of humour and ability makes Petal an outstanding presenter. She has become well known for her sound practical approach to training. Petal regularly receives high praise from participants for her refreshing, thought provoking and informative delivery. You will appreciate her innovative and participatory techniques that produce immediate gains in your personal productivity and learning.

To Inform, Influence, Shape, Change


Petal has also established herself as a respected writer and columnist.

Petal has an ability to impart knowledge from her wealth of business and organisational expertise that inspires people not just to survive, but thrive in their personal and professional development. She had a longstanding column in The Voice newspaper, where she delivered fresh and insightful career information and provided engaging solutions for reader questions and challenges.

She was the career and personal development feature writer for Testify Newspaper. Overwhelming public interest and demand for her witty, informative tough love has resulted in Petal’s first book, ‘The MIRROR Challenge’.


Petal is an established public speaker and conference facilitator.

Petal’s presenting style is down to earth, lively and engaging. With her personal interest in helping people to achieve their ambitions, spirituality with fact based advice, she has gained a reputation for discussing issues and explaining ideas with simplicity, clarity and passion.

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